Brown Copper Wire Mesh

“HMB” Make copper woven wire mesh is also called shielding net. The chemical component is 99.9% copper.

The feature of the copper is non-magnetic. So it can be used as the shielding net. The aperture size of the copper woven wire cloth is 5 mesh to 280 mesh.


  • Non- magnetic, wear resistance and good sound insulation.


  • It can be used as the shielding Screen  in the cable circuits, laboratories.
  • The copper wire Mesh can be used as the in the electronic devices, power sector, aerospace, information industry, military installations.
  • The copper wire cloth can be used in the building walls to insulation noise.
  • The copper wire mesh can be used in the electronic display to filtering the electron beam.


Material Copper Wire
Aperture Size 5 Mesh to 280 Mesh. for the Electronic Display is 10 - 60 Mesh
Cloth Width 0.914m, 1m, 1.5m
Cloth Length Commonly is 30m
Weaving Method Plain Weave